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Transport and travel

This page contains the following information: Transfering between Airport and Ho Chi Minh City Center (HCMC) Transport in HCMC Traveling between HCMC and International University (UI)

Transfering between Airport and Ho Chi Minh City Center (HCMC)

Tan Son Nhat is Vietnam's largest international Airport. You can take:

  • BUS No. 152 air-con Airport bus
    • Time required : 60 minutes.
    • Working time : 6:00 ~ 18:30.
    • Frequency : every 30 or 60 minutes.
    • Ticket price :  4,000 VND (~ US$ 0.2); For longer distance : ~10,000 VND.
    • Terminal stop - Ben Thanh Market (center of Ho Chi Minh city).
  • TAXI
    • Time required : 30 minutes.
    • Cost : US$ ~8 (and should be less than US$ 15). 
    • Taxi drivers might get commission for taking customers to certain hotels so when arriving at the airport, please be explicit about exactly which hotel you want to be taken to.
    • We strongly recommend using Vinasun and Mai Linh taxis ONLY for your local transportation.
    • Recommended routes: 

      • Tan Son Nhat Airport => Nguyen Van Troi St. => Nam Ky Khoi Nghia St.  => Le Thanh Ton St (Liberty Central Hotel).
      • Tan Son Nhat Airport => Nguyen Van Troi St. => Nam Ky Khoi Nghia St. => Le Loi St => Nguyen Hue St (Kim Do Hotel) => Ton Duc Thang St (Lotte Legend Hotel)
Map Airport to HCMC

Transport in HCMC


    • Taxi is always the most convenient means of transport in the city. You may need to draw your attention to the trip meter clock at the beginning to make sure you only pay for your actual journey.   
    • There will be taxi services right down at the hotel or you can ask the receptionist to call for you. Below are phone numbers of reliable taxi services should you want to call yourself.
      • Mai Linh: (+84 8) 38 38 38 38.
      • Vinasun: (+84 8) 38 27 27 27.

Public Bus

The public bus system is developed to cover all areas of the city. If time is not a matter, travelling by bus will save you a huge amount of money but make sure you know which bus route to take along the way.


    Most tourists may want to try cyclo (or tricycle). Although cyclo is no longer Vietnamese’s means of transport, it is nowadays used mainly for tourism purpose. Take a city tour on the lovely cyclo and feel its typial stagger style.

      Traveling between HCMC and International University (UI)

      During the conference period, participants could travel between HCMC and the conference venue (IU, VNU-HCM) by our Conference Buses, Taxis or Public Buses. 

      By Conference Buses :

      During the conference period, bus transportation from designated pick-up points in HCMC to the conference venue (IU, VNU-HCM) will be provided

      in the morning, and coming back in the afternoon.

        • Conference Buses will be arranged to pick up participants from HCMC center (District 1 or point B on the map below) to the International University (in Thu Duc District or point A on the map below).
        • It may take around 45 minutes, on normal traffic conditions, to travel from the center of Ho Chi Minh City (District 1) to the campus of the International University.
        • Conference Buses will bring participants back to the city center at the end of each day.
        • Volunteers wit hthe sign ICCSA 2013 vill be available at each Bus Stop.  Bus coordinator  (Hai) call 090 777 4358
        • For the updated schedule and routes see here.



      Pick-up/Drop-off point 1 : Liberty Central Hotel

      pich-up drop-off 1




      Pick-up/Drop-off point 2 : Kim Do Hotel

      pich-up drop-off 2



      By Taxi: 

      Alternatively, depending on the time of the day, on the average, the travel time by taxi will be about 40 minutes and cost ~ USD10 (= 200,000 VND).


      By Public Bus : 

      You can take other public buses from the city center to the IU campus:

        • Bus 52: This bus will take you from Ben Thanh Market Central Bus Stop directly to the IU campus for every 15 minutes. Please refer to the bus route map below. 
        • Buses 8, 10, 19, 50, 53 : The campus is located near the campus of HCMC Vietnam National University (VNU), so you can take these buses to the VNU bus stop (please ask the bus drivers to let you off when reaching the VNU bus stop), then follow the shortcuts of about 1km to the IU campus by the IU students.

      Generally, the public bus fare is 4,000 dong (Vietnamese currency, VND) roughly equivalent to 20 cents. So participants should prepare this fare amount in advance because the bus driver does not have change for large notes (the maximum amount recommended is 10,000 dong).   

      HCMC Bus Routes