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Best Paper Award Nominees

ICCSA 2013 BEST PAPER AWARD NOMINEES (Not listed in order):


1) Contact Author: Son H. Ngo

Paper Title: Improved Heuristics for Online Node and Link Mapping Problem in Network Virtualization


2) Contact Author: Guenter Baerwolff

Paper Title: Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Multi-Destination Pedestrian Crowds


3) Contact Author: Abas Md Said

Paper Title: Vector-Projection Approach to Curve Framing for Extruded Surfaces


4) Contact Author: Hai-Trieu Nguyen

Paper Title: Interactive Face Labeling System in Real-World Videos


5) Contact Author: Duy Pham

Paper Title: An Interactive System building 3D Environment Using a Moving Depth Sensor


6) Contact Author: Marcelo Caniato Renhe

Paper Title: Tensor field visualization using Eulerian fluid simulation


7) Contact Author: Dominik Ludewig Michels

Paper Title: A Gabor Filter-Based Approach to Leaf Vein Extraction and Cultivar Classification


8) Roger Anderson

Paper Title: The Screen representation of spin networks: 2D recurrence, eigenvalue equation for 6j symbols, geometric interpretation and Hamiltonian dynamics


9) Contact Author: Hiroaki Higaki

Paper Title: Low Latency Transmissions of Prioritized Sensor Data Messages


10) Contact Author: Fabio Manfredini

Paper Title: Mobile phone data for the recognition of daily mobility spaces: an application on Lombardia Region


11) Contact Author: Avit Bhowmik

Paper Title: Space-time Variability of Summer Temperature Field over Bangladesh during 1948-2007


12) Jacinto Estima

Paper Title: Flickr geotagged and publicly available photos: preliminary study of its adequacy for helping quality control of Corine Land Cover


13) Linh Truong-Hong

Paper Title: Detailed 3D Building Models for Google Earth Integration


14) Contact Author: Ivan Blecic

Paper Title: A Design and Planning Support System for Walkability and Pedestrian Accessibility


15) Contact Author: Kathryn Leonard

Paper Title: Minimal Geometric Representation and Strawberry Stem Detection